Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

And thankful I am....
-my parents
-my Granny
-my soon to be in laws
-my extended family
-my wonderful friends!
-all 5 of my critters
-my health
-the roof over my head
-that I have a job
-my warm bed
-the clothes I put on each day
-the food we are able to put on our table
-being able to be a mother
Many people do not get one thing on this list, much less a whole entire list of things they are thankful for...I am blessed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Emma Paige!

Dear Emma,

This is your mommer and I want to write you a lil' note on your first birthday! First off, let me start by saying this year has been a true blessing, you have moved into my heart and changed my life forever. I love you more and more each day. A year ago today Mommy and Daddy were in Lexington awaiting your arrival, although we were both nervous as heck, we knew that this was going to be the most wonderful adventure we have ever been on, and boy were we right!

Here's some stats on your life these days....

-you love sleeping, you normally go to bed anywhere between 9 and 10 and sleep till the same time the next morn :)

-your wearing a size 3 diaper

-and a size 12 month in clothing

-you have 4 pearly whites

-you love bananas and pizza!

-our black cat Baxter is your best bud

-your favorite toys are books and cell phones

-you say mama and dada all the time, ive also heard you say "hey" and "eye"

-you have your Daddy wrapped around your finger

-your walking and almost coming to a full run...uhhh ohh!

You are a very busy girl and love to stay on the go. We love you more than words can say. Emma Paige, you are truly our pride and joy!