Saturday, February 28, 2009


As the title states, this blog is NOT meant to offend anyone so please do not take anything to heart....I just want this to be an account of my own personal struggle.

This week begins my first week of working out! I am finally ready to make it a personal committment to lose my baby weight. With that said I'll start from the beginning, my weight pre-baby, like when I first found out was 138...after the first few weeks I dropped 10 lbs. because of picky eating and all day sickness HA! In my final pregnant weeks, I probably weighed right around 160. I'm guessing my total weight gain was somewhere around 30-35 lbs.

Today I got weighed and measured at Curves, which is where I have decided to do my workouts. And for those who don't know, this is like a circuit set up where you go around 3 times on different machines, usually takes about 35 mins. which is perfect for a busy mom!!

Soooo here it is...152, about 8-10 lbs. down from Emma's birth and I would like to state here for everyone to see (yes, all 3 people who read this!) that I intend for my goal weight to be 130...I will update my weight every week and I promise not to cheat!

With that said, I'm thinking a Twix and Coke would make a fine breakfast....JUST KIDDDDING!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oreo Truffles

Helllo everyone!

Well last nite I attempted to make Oreo Truffles that I got from a blogger friend, Renee at A Taste of Life, and yes I would love to put a link to her page on here because she has WONDERFUL recipes but I don't know how!!! Ahhhhhh!

Yesterday was a tough day, I worked but had to leave early to go get Emma from my Granny's, seems as though she was fussy alllll day so I got her an appt. at the Dr.'s from my other blogger & real friend (well aren't all friends real?, blog or not....) Mandy. Got her in the the Dr. and turns out everything is fine, she looks perfect! (YAYAY!) buttttt he seemed to think maybe she had a touch of colic, he changed her formula, and now we'll see how it goes. I'd rather have colic than have anything else wrong with her, so colic it is, colic we'll take!

As for the Oreo Truffles, I got to making these about the time Scott got home, and if you ever try this recipe, yes a food processor is best! I tried it without and it can be done but it is not easy. Either way they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. The best part about making these, was the fact that Scott actually wanted to help, so I let him decorated the balls after they were dipped in chocolate. The time we spent together working on them was well worth the time it took to clean up the mess! HA!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Sunday!

Well today was pretty much laid back...we didn't really do anything except kick it around the house. It was wonderful! Scott & I got all kinds of things done. A couple weeks ago we bought letters to put Emma's name on her wall, of course they needed to be painted, so I finally got that done. We also bought the cutest shelf at Lowes for her bedroom, so we put that together and filled it up with all the toys and books she has gotten so far. When I first bought her bedding, it came with a play blanket that I couldn't really find a place for soooo I decided to hang it on her wall. This way it makes an excellent piece for decoration and I don't feel that blanket is just shoved away in a closet not being used!!!

I also made meatloaf which is one of Scott's favorite, with a side of Desparate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters! Ha!

Happy Valentines Day!

Smiling baby Emma before heading out to dinner!

This is Scott & his friend Adam...whos looking for a nice single lady by the way ;)

Scott & I

And yesss! Finally Foods & Friends for Valentines dinner, my fav! Let me start off by saying that I had a wonderful day filled with love! We really just did things around the house for most of the day. Emma and I hung out and watched some tv and Scott cooked us lunch, which was super sweet! Then we headed over to West VA, checked out some vinyl siding at Lowes (how romantic!) and scrammed off to Food & Friends for our lovers dinner. Both of our meals were sooo good, Scott had the stuff surf & turf, which was a steak that was stuffed wtih lobster meat, with a peppercorn cream sauce...I had the steak oscar, a tenderloin topped with lump crab meat...both were perfect!!!! We also decided to try something new while we were there, and since neither of us are a big fan of tomatoes, we got the tomato basil bruschetta, which turned out to be amazing!
Happy Valentines to All!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

This post is brought to you by the #3...

(Isn't this sooo cute, Katrina gave these out to us for our valentine's gift, it's a coffee mug w/sugar cookies!)

(These are the goodie bags I made to give out to them, along with a lil' valentine pic of Emma!)
Since I'm still getting used to the whole blog thing, I haven't exactly figured out how to put my pictures in the order I would like to tell the story! Sooo these pictures above are from my wonderful evening with the girls!!! Since Dec. we have made it a point to go out once a month, how it goes is, the person whos birthday is in that month picks the place they want to eat. This month was Ashleigh & Mandy's birthday month, and they picked the Cat and Owl (yummers!). I had the 10 oz. prime rib, a salad and a stuffed potato...followed by Banana Fritters with butterscotch topping and vanilla ice cream (you didn't really think I skipped dessert did you? NOT a chance!)

Today little Miss Emma Bird turned 3 months old! WOWOWOW! Time really does fly, I feel like she was born yesterday, well atleast mentally I do HA! We had a pretty fun day :) We went to walmart and had some pictures printed out of her in her tutu for valentines and then came home and kicked it together. Emma helped me make the goodie bags as seen above and knocked back a couple bottles of homemade formula and napped! Sounds like a good birthday to me :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls...

Today we decided (Scott & I...not Emma, although she is very opinionated already for such a lil girl!) that we would take a couple pictures of Emma in this adorable tutu that I ordered off eBay (another guilty pleasure) and try to get a couple shots to make Valentines cards from for her grandparents. These are the 3 best ones, she only wanted to look to the sides because that's where we were standing! This is one of the many reasons I love having a little girl...they are sooo sweet, you can always find great things to dress them up in and you get to watch them melt their Daddy's heart every single time they look at them!!!!
We had lunch today at my office, and got to see MeMe and Peepaw, after having a delicious Cucci's turkey sandwich we headed to the post office to mail off some eBay items. Boy oh boy was that a task! Carrying a baby, packages and battling the 200 mph winds we had, atleast I can put this in my book for tasks accomplished! We came home for awhile but then off to clogging, where Mommy and baby both had a fun time! Emma says, "I had such a fun time because I got to sit in front of my Mommy and her friend Mandy, Landon's mommers. I thought these girls were soooo funny because I can dance better than them!"
And for a good laugh....Scott & I tried out my new Billy Blanks Ab Boot Camp DVD tonite! HA HA HA! Ten minutes into the workout it ended with Scott claiming he needed an inhaler and me saying that I was sure my doctor wouldn't approve this workout, seeing as thought i JUST had a baby...umm 3 months ago....uhh umm hmmm....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Night Time is the Right Time

Today I got to see my Granny, Uncle Caleb, MeMe, Peepaw & Poppy Dave....and as you can see it wore me out and I got right down to business....

I must be the luckiest lil' girl in the whole wide world and this smile proves it! Mommy says Daddy does a better job at bathtime and from the looks of it, I agree because my Daddy is the silliest and always makes me laugh!

Hey Mommy! Don't worry I love you too, I'm just practicing my facial expressions for the camera :)
Today was a BUSY day...I worked and then had a Relay For Life meeting for my team "Queens for a Cause". After I left work my Dad called me said that he was heading up to Scott's parents so that he could see Scott & Emma, so we met him up there. This was a most welcomed surprise because it's not often we can all just sit around and relax and talk for awhile. So while Poppy Dave fed Emma, we got to sit around and chat about everything from the "octuplets" to Emma's first birthday! Yes yes...I am looking ahead already, although I do not want time to move that fast, I am always thinking of ways to make my daughter the happiest baby in the world, spoiled? Ohhhh I don't know, maybe a little ;) After we got home, Daddy whipped up a bath for the lil bird, and then she went right down for night night! YaY! Hence the first I struggled with a) the thought of her sleeping on her own & in another room and b) she refused the crib..but now Mommy must be doing something right because for atleast the past week she has went right down for sleep around 10 each night! Wooo Hoooo for us! Well speaking of night's Mommys bedtime too...right after I partake in one of my favortie guilty pleasures...Young & the Restless....DVR is love!

Part Time Worker, Full Time Mommy!

Since I enjoy reading everyones blogs, and easily become addicted to them, I decided it might be nice for those who follow mine to update more often! Yesterday was my 4th week back to work, and for those who don't know I'm currently working 2 days a week. My granny keeps Emma on these two days, and it gets a little, and I mean a little bit easier each time I take her down there. Although it does help me to know how much my granny LOVES having her down there. I take comfort in knowing that Emma will get to know and love her great granny greene just as much as I do & did when I was a child. Yesterday however was unsually hard, there's just something about waking a sleeping baby and dragging her out that really breaks your heart! Now, for those of you stay at home mom's that just can't imagine waking your child in the wee hours of the morning be rest assured that within 10 seconds she is ALL smiles :)

I have come to enjoy going to work so that I can be around adults (HA!) but that smile lingers with me all day long and I consider that the best payment of all for my full time position!