Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well no pictures for this post but I figured I would try to get back into blogging...

What's been going on in our lives? EVERYTHING! First off, on January 30th, Scott and I got the middle of a snow storm :) I will be honest, it was somewhat of a damper on the party, we lost alot of people off the guest list and some were really close family that we would have loved to have there to celebrate the day with us.

We have survived our first married Valentines, in which I got an awesome pair of cowgirl boots! :)

We are now heading into March full speed ahead...hoping the snow goes away and that spring hurries!!!! I have lots of exciting things happening in my life, I'm taking on new adventures and getting excited about old ones. I'm just a lil' over a couple months away from my 4th Relay For Life, my 3rd as co-chair and things are looking very good for this year.

I'm have wedding planning/directing on my plate, still working on pageants for the America Heart Association, and here in a few months will be celebrating my last birthday in my 20's YIKES!

Scott is working...Emma is growing....God is sooo GOOD.

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